Parker’s digital badge initiative is an opportunity for faculty and staff to earn and collect a variety of digital badges. Digital badges symbolize accomplishments, skills and competencies, or best practices for teaching. Badges serve as evidence that faculty may share publicly on sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

We encourage all Parker faculty and staff to visit the Getting Started page to register to begin earning badges. There are three distinct types of badges that faculty can earn: Parker Life, Explorer, The Parker Difference.

Parker Life Badges

From the fun to the serious, Parker Life Badges recognize and commemorate the skills, values, and characteristics that make Parker University a unique and exciting place to work and learn.

Explorer Badges

To meet the ever-changing demands of life in the 21st century, we must engage in a variety of activities designed to promote new skills and attributes. Explorer Badges provide evidence of your efforts in developing these important skills and recognize your commitment to both Parker University and lifelong learning.

The Parker Difference Badges

The Parker University community is committed to providing its students with an exceptional, learning-centered experience. The Parker Difference Badges provide evidence of your efforts and contributions in fostering unique and meaningful learning opportunities for our students.

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Parker badges are currently offered by Bill Watson, Director of The Center for Teaching and Learning, and Elgrie Hurd, Coordinator of Learning Resources. Parker Badges offer a fun way to recognize faculty and staff for their contribution to our unique culture and  promote learning-centered experiences and lifelong learning.

Parker Badges is the brain-child of  Arturo Ozuna, former Academic Technologist with Parker University, and Bill Watson. Arturo (aka Yoko Ono) broke up the band and left to pursue an exciting and new opportunity at a nearby institution.

Open Badges

Open badges are online representations of skills, competencies, achievements that can be earned through various credible organizations. The open standard, originally developed by the Mozilla Foundation, allows you to earn badges from different organizations and collect them on a single web site. Open badges can also be easily shared on social media sites or added to your profile on professional sites such as LinkedIn.

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